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Organized interface to quickly get you up and running
As the name points out, the main files you work with here are MP3 audio files. Note, however, that you’re only allowed to process one file at a time, and selection is done through the built-in browse dialog. Just to be sure you’re close to a successful operation, it’s not really recommended to load files you’re sure contain a single track.
Have files automatically split and fitted with tags
In fact, the core function of the application is to read the ID3 tags of the source file and find out whether or not it’s composed of multiple, different tracks. As such, the end result is generated accordingly, with at least two files exported to a location of your choice, each with its corresponding set of details.
The main panel is fitted with different tabs which show detected tracks, details, statistics, as well as raw ID3 tags. Unfortunately, there’s no control over tags, in the sense of lack of any editing options, but you can save them to a TXT file.

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The ideal music splitting tool on the market today, allowing you to easily split the music file into multiple tracks, each having associated ID3 tags and a corresponding MP3 file.

Browsed payment sites – Good are not a lot. In our statistics, we see that only about 1 in 10 pay for their online music at all. The rest, usu…

Browsed payment sites – Good are not a lot. In our statistics, we see that only about 1 in 10 pay for their online music at all. The rest, usually, use free streaming platforms.

Free 30-day trial

A free 30-day trial allows you to really explore the product before committing to any form of payment.

28 July 2016


27 Jul 2016


Yep, will say that they give you really high quality results if you have a really large song.

27 Jul 2016


LOL, the contrast is good!

27 Jul 2016


Its a very useful application for music splitting and also, it has very good interface and the features…it is more than enough.

27 Jul 2016


Looks like a good programme.

27 Jul 2016


Nice comparison! It’s very similar. And interesting to find out which one is better!

27 Jul 2016


Thanks for the comments. I can say one thing. All popular music sites like youtube, spotify, Itunes use the FLAC format, and while you can convert FLAC to mp3, it’s not to the quality of the FLAC format.

27 Jul 2016


means with every purchase you get something extra.

27 Jul 2016


Great app. The only downside is that it takes up a lot of space and is very memory-intensive. Also the site takes up a lot of space and is slow. That’s a drawback

27 Jul 2016


means with every purchase you get something extra.

27 Jul 2016


Great app. The only downside is that it takes up a lot of space and is very memory-intensive. Also the site takes up a lot of space and is slow. That’s a drawback

27 Jul 2016

Mp3divider Crack+ Activation Code [Win/Mac]

A fast utility to split a large MP3 or FLAC file into several smaller MP3 or FLAC files.
The program reads the ID3 tags of the files and extracts various information, such as Title, Artist and Album.
File size:
All files are split into N MP3 or FLAC files with a size proportional to the original file size.
Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and other languages
File type:
All formats of MP3 and FLAC

Music Creator Pro for Mac is the ultimate audio editor for producing professional music from your favorite songs. With the use of powerful track effects such as EQ, Effects Processing, EQ and Compression/Gating, the application has the ability to professionally edit your recorded audio tracks and produce high quality professional mastered music. Music Creator Pro for Mac can even read and edit the tags, songs and the playlist of over 60 audio formats from virtually any source, from YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud to Tunebite, Roon, and DCPX. With Music Creator Pro for Mac you can make music and mix sounds of your own.
Load and cut audio files from virtually any audio source
Record audio source such as guitars and vocals
Create music from your own songs, even using third-party ID3 track tagging support (maximum 32kbps)
Edit the audio tracks from scratch, including ID3 tag editing
Mix all elements of the tracks on the timeline
Auto BPM detection and time stretching
Insert and mix effects on the tracks
Create music playlists
Save tracks in virtually any audio format
Add music to your media library
Play music directly from the browser

Simply create, mix and master your own remixes.

This product is a universal audio mixing and editing application with DJ style tools, capable of mixing, speeding up and slowing down, equalizing, and recording guitar instruments, vocals, e-drums, and much more from various audio sources, including webcams and microphones.

Vintage Guitar



Funky Blues Jam

Psychedelic Blues Jam

Jazz Jam

Rockin’ Rockabilly Jam

Cajun Jam

File Types and Support:

Files created using this product can be saved in any of

What’s New In Mp3divider?

Exhaustive library of commands for FileChoir!
This version of the FileChoir console is a bit different than the last one. It features a completely revamped interface with a lot of new commands.
Do not forget to take advantage of the instructions section, which has more information about advanced features of the console, you can ask about the usage of each command.
PS: This version of FileChoir does not include the option to save flac files as more information is needed to create them on the FileChoir console.

is a powerful MP3 editor with many features to help you organize and edit your songs.
To start with, it’s possible to import files directly from your CD or USB drive, and also from folders on your hard disk. The software also features read Lyrics, importing of the artist, song, album, etc.
Three different views of the software are available: the main interface which gathers all the elements; the WALLPAPER with your files on your HDD; and the FOLDER by album, which organizes your files by albums, artists, genres, etc.
In addition to the development of the files, the software is also able to synchronize the clock of your files with the computer’s clock. This synchronization is based on the Google Zeit.
The main functions of the program are:
– Dual column management
– Music management
– Powerful editing options
– Use Lyrics
– Import the artist, title, album, etc.
– Synchronization with your PC’s time
The program allows you to import files directly from your CD or USB drive, thus without needing to manually take care of your files. This can save you a lot of time and trouble.
The software also features import functions of folders, so you can import a whole folder of songs in the program. This may give you an automatic way to sort your files.
The program has a powerful editing function which allows you to change the properties of your files, like adding a photo, adding the artist name, the title, the song writer, etc. You can also set the file extension as it is, or change it by adding the.mp3 extension. In addition to the default settings, it’s also possible to specify the file name when it is exported, or specify the date when the file is updated. You can also rename the file, delete it, and even create a folder for your files.

System Requirements:

Windows 7
2GHz Dual Core Processor
2GB of RAM
300MB Video RAM
200MB of DirectX 9.0c GPU memory
1440×900 or 1600×900 Display
6Gb of free hard-disk space
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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