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proJMS is a lightweight Java library designed to help you use the JMS infrastructure with your processing applications.
proJMS can be used for receiving and sending JMS messages from one application to another. It facilitates the communication between processing applications that run in the same network.







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proJMS Torrent Download is a Java library designed to help you use the JMS infrastructure with your processing applications.

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Prefixval is a line-mode processing tool that can be used for indexing, filtering, selecting, highlghing, tagging, and classifying data that comes in various structured forms.

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proJMS simplifies the task of sending and receiving messages over the network in a durable, reliable and scalable way. JMS (Java Messaging Service) is a simple, flexible, and vendor-neutral standard that is used to communicate between clients and the server. proJMS supports a simple API to define handlers in order to handle messages. The proJMS library leverages the JMS API, so it can connect to various JMS providers like ActiveMQ, Websphere, HornetQ, and so on.
The mule is an integration platform that provides a service oriented architecture, which is used to define and control the interactions that occur within your organization.
Mule components are designed to be independent of each other, and no explicit connections must be made between them. This allows you to scale effectively and independently. It is an example of service oriented architecture (SOA)
Since Mule is a workflow engine it is easy to control the flow of your data using the MuleArtifacts.
Mule components can be developed in any programming language and any tool, and they can be installed on any server.
Mule allows you to define new components (components that can be reused to complete any type of task) and define the flow of your application using the MuleArtifacts.
Mule is an open source and free product. It is developed at the MuleSoft Labs.
Mule is one of the best tools available for integration applications. Mule allows you to implement and share your business process across platforms in a unified way.
Mule can connect to all types of different data sources.

See Mule Maven Central
Mule Configuration files
Mule Event object is like any other Java object, you can get and set the properties.
Below is an example on how to get the value of the name property.
String MULE_VM_ARGS = System.getProperty(“mule.env”);
MuleEvent event = (MuleEvent) context.getEvent();
event.getMessageProperties().put(“name”, MULE_VM_ARGS);

See Mule Properties
Mule Properties.
Mule will look for a properties file for the values of these properties. To make Mule look for properties in an external file, you need to create a MulePropertiesFile object and add it to the configuration section.
Example, a properties file called would contain

What’s New in the ProJMS?

proJMS provides a number of Java APIs to send and receive JMS messages. It supports the JMS specification and is designed to be simple to use and is used a production grade JMS client/server Java tool.
Key Features:
Clear and simple API for JMS
Lightweight and very fast
Understood by the java.util.Properties class
Easy to use, with no dependencies
Suitable for any application that needs the functionality of the JMS specification, such as JMS-compliant messaging or consuming or sending JMS messages using the Java messaging API

Installation and Usage:

Download proJMS library from the project home
You need to extract the zip file and run the “” script
java -jar projms-1.0-all.jar
The jar file will extract the projms-1.0-all.jar and install the proJMS service in the standalone mode. After the installation, you may use the above command to start the proJMS service

Example 1: Sending JMS message

proJMS JMS message API is a text based API and it’s very easy to use. You just need to send the message body using the “send” method of JMSContext and the message will be consumed by the JMS server.

Example 2: Using JMSConsumer

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