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Intrusion testing firm Immunity has begun shipping Silica, a portable wireless intrusion tester capable of detecting and exploiting — security.
The laboratory does not provide information on the price of the product. The technology is already available to some developers, but the company has also begun selling devices that it can find on
In a study published in the Electronic Journal of Law and Technology, Russell Diggs and Steve Diggs of the University of Michigan described a number of product benefits, although it did not offer any cryptographic features.
Their research suggests that in addition to being able to learn passwords, Silica can detect hardware and software failures in a specific location. Unlike the widespread Cerberus technology (including UMTS StormSafe), hardware security can be detected from all directions, including through communication, traffic, microphone and other things.
In addition, they noted that the MW can use one or more antennas to determine exactly which one performs best.
“While this technology is still very new, it has great potential and will allow companies to save and protect their cryptographic algorithms, and if used, it will significantly increase the effectiveness of the security of corporate IT infrastructure.”
— Shawn Friedman-Gabelle, Zoom Security. Source:

June 23, 2012: NOCURE is the world’s first university control center (UCC) for cryptocurrency.
The UPU University (University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA) has developed and handed over to CloudFlare the university UPU, which will be available to all students, university staff, and researchers. The UPU is equipped with a Univac wireless system, a hardware power supply, surge protectors and fans that provide high-speed Internet connection and are powerful enough to satisfy the needs of all students and university staff throughout the academic year. In addition, the UPU is fully integrated into the computing infrastructure of the university.
University College Professor Drew Stone of